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Girls4rurals started in the year 2018 by non profit Rural Development Initiative and it’s implementing partner Himalayan Innovations to address  a need of common platform for  young girls who work for the cleaner and greener community. We believe in girls as a women leader of tomorrows and that their bit has an  incredible power to change the society we live in. Our mission is to empower young girls to change existing  unsustainable and inequitable energy system.  It has a team lead by Ms. Sadikshya Aryal. It works with girls network focusing on climate action with specific SDG metric focus.

Rural Development Initiative along with implementing partner Himalayan Innovations is working on  mobilising it’s network of  girls for advocating on action towards COVID-19 and is providing crucial PPE like Faceshields along with its manufacturing partner Zener Technologies in Nepal.


As we know that many regions of the world will be impacted and overwhelmed by an already unstable health system and face prolonged pauses to regular daily life fighting with coronavirus, Rural Development Initiatitive with implementing partner Himalayan Innovations are mobilizing our girls4rurals network to reallocating some batteries to rural hospitals to continously run the medical equipments without hiccups apart from our girls awaring on  washing hands properly to the members in the rural community by reaching the house of the villagers and demonstrating the correct ways to prevent the virus. 


An initiative In Pursuit Of a Greener and Cleaner Future.

Efficacy of local endeavor by rural municipality

Girls4rurals appreciates the local endeavour by municipality but raises voices  needed for  acceleration among the community members by girls.

Capacity Development of girls4rurals

Girls4rurals conducts design thinking workshop for climate preservation at local level among girls in rural community.

Girls4rurals promoting Green Entrepreneurship for Gaunbata

Girls4rurals promotes  green productivity and gender inclusive energy usage.


We work with network of young girls to support and advance their efforts for fighting against climate change and adopting best practices of renewable energy for cleaner and greener communtiy

efficacy of Local Endeavor by Rural Municipalities

Ms. Sadikshya Aryal, conducted an interaction program on”Efficacy of Local Endeavour by Rural Municipality for Climate Change” through the voices of girls and how can contribute for energy policy.

Doing her Bit for Greener Community

Girls4rurals promotes best practices of renewable  energy in the rural community. It conducts series of program dedicated on best practices of renewable enregy, it’s adoption and why does a rural community needs it.

Teach Me How​

Teach me How campaign urges manufacturers to visualize their manual and imprint on mother language for making rural women aware of the electronic tools and resources. 

Lend us your time and expertise

Girls4rurals is solely intended to work,  promote the clean and innovative technology in the rural community via network of young girls. We request for your time and expertise to connect and strengthen their efforts.

What I believe is, girls need action and opportunity; not speeches full of promises.
  • Electronics and Communication Engineer
  • Student Energy Leadership Graduate
  • Incubated from Nexus Startup Hub, American Center
  • Studied “Innovation Readiness and Technology Commercialisation” from IC2 Institue,University of Texas, Austin
  • Young BPW Member of Federation of Business and Professional Women
Our projects are based on gender inclusive energy and human designed thinking which has helped us reach to our beneficiaries with better service.


  • Civil Engineer
  • Student Energy Leadership Graduate
  • TEDxPATAN Licensee

FOR THE FUTURE OF RURal community by network of girls

Lend us your expertise in energy  and help us redefining the lives  in rural by network of young girls through renewable technology. Connect with us.

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We are a team with vision to transform rural lives with the use of cleaner and greener technologies by a network of young girls.

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Lend us your abilities to enhance their efforts in making rural lives adaptible to best of renewable energy practices and fight against climate change.

We welcome you. Join us in realizing our mission