A sight matters!

I  was doing research at a rural municipality affected by the earthquake, where I came across this picture. An ultimate glimpse of why advocacy is needed. Coming from a background in electronics and communication engineering I could at once figure out that letting a baby’s trouser dry over a solar panel hugely impacts its operation. So, why was it kept there? Was it because the owner had no idea of how to use a solar technology provided to them? Was the family taught how to use the technology? That day I realized that it is one thing for a technology to be distributed post-disaster and another thing for the people who are to be using them actually knowing how to use. Also, this is the same for “technology that is best elsewhere may not work best in the same.” I was left with disappointment impact of improper distribution of technical appliances to the rural population without having studied the community first.This one sight urged me to start girls4rurals.