About Us

We are a team with vision to build a resilient network of girls who serve for providing better access of basic rights to young girls and benefit from opportunity to expand and grow.


Girls4rurals,  is a green initiative by Himalayan Innovations and Rural Development Initiative (RDI) which will spotlight the green project efforts of young girls who have carved their own niche with commendable work, inspiring and setting benchmarks for girls across Nepal.

It is a known fact that climate change has threatened livelihoods and security around the world. Majority of which are girls who are bearing the brunt. Most of them are forced into trafficking, gender divide and many more. Amidst these, in  Nepal girls predominate in the workforces of many sectors that are most vulnerable to climate change such as agriculture, livestock, and farming. And to further worsen the situation, there’s a rigid gender role in various regions of the country. 

It would not be an understatement if climate change can either stop or even reverse the little bit of progress in gender equality. There is a risk that as climate change accelerates, gender roles could become more entrenched. For instance, studies showed that in recent climatic calamities in Nepal, it had a case of many men leaving in search of better job opportunities while women were left behind to care for members of their extended families and bear the burden of household responsibilities. Not only women but girls in such disaster-prone areas are likely to experience greater poverty.

With increasing focus on dialogue and initiatives on women empowerment, gender disparity has reduced in the 21st century. We are seeing more women taking up roles to change the world, be it as corporate leaders, authors, entrepreneurs, or policymakers. In order to strengthen the   community by engaging young girls through specially catered community projects and an opportunity to connect with other Nepalese girl who lives in a rural community, exchange knowledge and experience on skills, way of living life, interaction with either of their communities, how and what they contribute to their community, strengthening their accountability towards their community .

Even though some do have the opportunity to voice their ambitions and showcase their leadership, many others are silently but constantly stirring up a positive revolution of sorts, in their own simple ways. These introverted leaders are often referred to as the disruption, motivators, and change makers, who are on a mission to create a stronger Nepal.

Vision & Values

  • Increase in awareness on renewable energy and promote climate activism
  • Market development for renewable energy products
  • Visible environment impact made possible through network of young girls 

Together for Better

Environment Justice || Economic Justice || Social Justice for and by girls