our projects

Every projects showacased here is an individual projects run through GIrls4rurals member.These projects are an ample example of how doing a bit by girls help strengthen the rural community.

Green Hike: Hike for health,Hike for Knowledge

The Green Hike- Hike for Health and  knowledge is conducted within each 3 months period of time at different campuses with an aim to revisit the transformation in rural villages brought by the usage of various forms of energy for ages

Reuse, Reduce Recycle

Girls4rurals assist 6038 women tailors from Gaunbata Garments  in Nepal to increase their efficiency providing automation to their existing manual sewing system with renewable energy technologies.


“DONATE UNUSED SOLAR” campaign urges home owners in urban areas  to donate unused solar panels. The solar panels are installed, mainitained by girls4rurals in rural communities.  

Girls4rurals for Promoting Renewable Energy among teenagers

Ms. Bibika pandit, from Girls4rurals at Chitwan Municipality conducts classes to teenagers on energy.

She educates school kids about application of renewable energy in their health  and why it is important to them in their growing days.  She conducts classes on iwhat they can do for community they live in.

Tailor from Gaunbata Garments

GREEN entrepreneship

Girls4rurals assist  women tailors working as tailors increase their production and earn for themselves as Gaunbata Tailors. Maintaining, providing automation to manual sewing machines, carpet loom are the services offered by Girls4rurals to the Gaunbata Garments. Currently we are serving 6038 tailors from Gaunbata Garments .


Training on how using induction cooking stoves saves rural women from suffering of respiratory health problems  and importance for young girls to promote it as part of good practice of adapting renewable energy utilities for each family.


Our uniquely operating chain of GIRS4RURALS is now all over Nepal with 160 young girls as members. Each girl are doing variety of projects. If you want to contribute your leisure time, helping them, contact us.