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We are a team with vision to build a resilient network of girls who serve for providing better access of basic rights to young girls and benefit from opportunity to expand and grow.

A member of Business and Professional Women of Patan Chapter, Ms Sadikshya Aryal, is a women tech entrepreneur, co-founder of Himalayan Innovations . Himalayan Innovations is a for profit entity that works on introducing innovative ,
non-intrusive technology in Nepal. Focussing on Engineering, Technology and Design.
Himalayan Innovations aims to bridge traditionally isolated sectors through cross cutting innovation projects.She is an engineer and a solar enthusiasts. Knowing the potential of solar technology, she has been working in energy sector since 2015.

Winner of the Yunus Center Social Business Challenge 2017 through its project,
Agroshelter, Himalayan Innovations was also the winner of Youth Co:Lab Nepal and was among top 5 for scaling track at Youth Co:Lab Summit at Bangkok organised by UNDP Asia Pacific and CITI Foundation.

Sadikshya is also certified in ” Innovation and Readiness” from University of Texas, Austin. She was incubated by Nexus Hub at American Center, Delhi with the support from State Department of United States as an entrepreneur.

Her company works with community members to design solutions that are customize and suited to the local needs all the while creating frameworks that allow some form of scalability and replication as much as possible. It works across multiple sectors and involves a diverse set of individuals for each project it designs and partners with. It’s projects operate in a sandbox design style based on human centered design approach running along the lines of innovation, localisation and invention.

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Girls4rurals is solely intended to work,  promote,  highlight efforts of young girls doing their bit for their rural community. We request for your time and expertise to connect and strengthen our girl  working in their community.

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